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This is a summary of what happens in Harry Potter and the Philosipher's stone.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - The Hogwarts houses(01:14)

Harry Potter and the Philosipher's stoneEdit

This is what happens in Harry Potter and the Philosipher's stone:Edit

Begining of the adventureEdit

At the begginging of the adventure There are two parents that are a wizard and witch with a baby boy called Harry Potter. There is also the leader of evil wizards and witches and he kills both Harry's parents and atempts to kill Harry with the major killing curse but fails. He accedintely makes a scar on his forehead as the mark of the spell and tranfers some of his powers to him and becomes weaker! 10 years later Harry goes to a school of witchcraft and wizardery called Hogwarts he quickly made friends but he had two best ones called Ron and Hermione but there is three bullies that are mean to him and his friends. They are called Draco,Crabbe and Boyle. He is sorted into a group called Gryffindor with his friends, he also meets the teachers, Mc Gonnagal, Dumbledore,Snape and Quirell.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - First Quidditch match(01:39)
The scary middle (dialemma)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - The Rememberall(01:35)
In the start of the middle Nevile Longbottom gets a mystical orb and keeps it in his pocket during the flying lesson and accidently takes off and drops the orb while falling down the high tower, as the teacher escorts Nevile to the hospital wing Draco flies of with it and Harry follows.Draco sees Harry and throws the orb for harry to catch it. It was heading to McGonnagal's office so Harry quickly catched it with McGonagal looking.McGonnagal picks Harry to be the seeker for the Gryffindors Quiditch team.It was amazing because there hadn't been a first year seeker in centuries! After that when they were heading to the dormotries the staircase changed  curiously they went in to the room little did they know that it was the forbidden room until they saw Filtch's (the caretaker) cat.They ran quickly until they stopped at a door that was locked Ron tried opening it but failed and then Hermione said the spell and quickly opened the door.They all hid in it when Harry saw a giant 3 headed dog behind them and said "it was locked for a reason" and then Hermione heard that Filtch had left so they ran back to the dormotry and went to bed.The next day it was the Quiditch match against Slytherine. (another one of the houses in which Draco is in)
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